Our Expertise

Our commitment and service are founded on technical expertise. Businesses require specialist advice to survive in a competitive global environment. Our uncompromising approach to the highest standards is critical to the success of our firm.

Audit & Special Engagements

  We undertake the following engagements:-

  • Audit of private and public limited companies and other entities such as partnerships, clubs and management corporations.
  • Investigation of companies in accordance with client's terms of reference, i.e. due diligence or for liquidation purposes.
  • Compilation of financial statements in compliance with the requirements of Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50 and Singapore Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Agreed-upon procedures engagement such as certification for government grants and lucky draws, fruit machine count, fixed assets verification, acting as scrutineers for general meetings and verification of votes.
  • XBRL conversion.
  • All financial-related engagements.

Tax Services and Consultancy

  We provide the following services:-

  • Corporate Tax:
      -   Tax compliance
      -   Tax planning and consultancy
      -   Tax investigation
      -   Due diligence on Merger and Acquisition
  • Personal Tax:
      -   Tax compliance
      -   Tax planning for employee remuneration
  • Goods And Services Tax:
      -   GST compliance and consultancy
  • Others:
      -   Partnership income tax
      -   Clubs and Association tax filing

Insolvencies & Liquidation

  • Acting as receivers and/or managers on behalf of bankers and other secured creditors.
  • Acting as liquidators for voluntary (members and creditors) winding-up or court winding-up.
  • Acting as judicial managers under the Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50.
  • Consultancy on winding-up of companies


    Accountancy services are provided by our associate, Central Management Services Pte Ltd. Their services include:-

  • Preparation of financial statements for sole-proprietors, partnerships and limited companies.
  • Advice and assistance on book-keeping (computerisation and manual systems) and investigation of accounting systems and reporting on effective improvements.
  • Preparation and lodgement of statistics and labour forms as required by the authorities.

Corporate Secretarial

    Corporate secretarial services are provided by our associate, M Tay & Company Pte Ltd.
    Their services include:-

  • Attending to the requirements of the Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50 including the preparation of annual returns, minutes of meetings of shareholders and directors and other statutory requirements.
  • Advice on and arrangement of the incorporation of limited liability companies or branch office of foreign companies.
  • Provision of qualified company secretaries and registered office facilities.
  • Advice on and arrangement of the registration of sole-proprietorships, partnerships and representative offices.
  • Advice on and assistance in the application of permits from government or quasi-government bodies.
    Some examples include-
      -   Employment pass
      -   Approval to purchase residential properties by non-citizens
      -   Permanent residence

Excellent and Proactive Work Attitude

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

– William Jones

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